Library event with Parents

Since last school year RCSAI families and stakeholders have donated an amazing amount of books and resources to begin creating our new school library. On Saturday, September 10th, our school community was joined by partners and volunteers from CSX to begin making this library project a reality. A CSX grant provided our school with shelving units and organizational support while students and their families volunteered to help sort and categorize books, build shelves and create a library database.

Building book shelves

The library set-up event was a huge success! We have a few thousand books which we were able to categorize by grade level and fiction/non-fiction. We were also able to begin cataloguing titles and have about 500 books in an excel file so far. The bookshelves look terrific and everyone who participated left feeling accomplished!. 

We extend a special thank you to all of those who shared their books, time and expertise with us to get this project underway!