River City Science Academy Innovation's College Mentorship Program

River City Science Academy Innovation's College Mentorship Program is a program that enhances RCSAI students’ current academics, team studies and extracurricular activities. Here at RCSAI we value and desire a close and individualized educational relationship with our students and parents.

With this program we strongly believe that your child can achieve and go above and beyond his/her educational goals. CMP is designed to prepare selected students for the best colleges! Colleges are no longer solely checking academics but athletic skills, leadership skills and social skills. Therefore, we have incorporated this program to help our students explore and enhance these specific skills.

The CMP program is a full school year program. It covers academics, health, character education, and social skills. Your child`s acceptance to this program involves multiple selection criteria. One of the major criteria is the most recent Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) math and reading scores. Other criteria are discipline/behavior, core course grades, and teacher recommendations. This program requires full parental consent and support.

Each student in this program will be assigned a mentor (faculty member at the school) that may possibly be shared with 2 to 3 other students. Students and mentors will study and participate in programs together. Activities may include but are not limited to academic enrichment, leadership development, field trips, progress monitoring meetings, personal development programs, leadership seminars, community service, college visits, home-visits, family picnics, family dinners, and other weekend studies/activities.


Contact: Mrs. Gallina at mgallina@rivercityscience.org