RCSAI Lego Competition 2019

RCSAI Lego Competition 2019

 Information Sheet

Purpose:  Support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)


Entries:  Individual or team entries are permitted. Participants must be in grades K –5.

Registration Deadline:  All teams must be registered online by Sunday March 3, 2019.                  TEAMS NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE AT: Rivercityscience.org/innovation

        Cost:  $40.00 - Per Participant

  • Participant will receive 2019 LEGO® Competition T-shirt.
  • Participant will receive a certificate of participation.
  • lunch - 2 pieces pizza, chips & drink

 Payment: 1. Participants can pay online when registering.

  1. Participants may pay at the event as long as they are registered online first.
  2. Send a check to the school: 8313 Baycenter Rd

                                                                         Jacksonville, Florida 32256

                                                                         904-885-8010 ex 3

TEAM Placement: Teams will be placed in grade-appropriate zone

Zone 1 -  K-1st grades Individuals & Teams

Zone 2 - 2nd-3rd grades Individuals & Teams

Zone 3 - 4th-5th grades Individual & Teams

Teams may contain up to 3 team members.  All teams must unanimously choose a team name.  At maximum, a total of three participants of multiple grades kindergarten to fifth grade may participate. Be advised, builds will be placed in the zone and judged by the oldest participant of the team. 

 Awards: Each zone will have a winner in each category   

 Medals, Trophies, Lego Sets & ipads       

 Materials required:  LEGO® Blocks, a good attitude, a creative mind.

 This a closed build

 Only the builders and Judges are permitted in the building area during build time.


 RCSAI Lego Competition 2019

 Information Sheet

 All contestants are to bring their own LEGO® blocks.

Only LEGO® bricks and other compatible plastic blocks and accessory pieces may be used. 




LEGO® Structure:   Each LEGO® structure must be built from scratch during this competition.  All blocks must be completely disassembled at the time the tournament begins.  Blueprints, building guides, or “cheat sheets” are not permitted.  LEGOs may be separated out in baggies by color and/or size (but must be completely disassembled).  The purpose of this competition is to create an original, creative LEGO® structure that tells a story.  We ask that children refrain from “memorizing” and rebuilding a purchased kit. 

The use of kit pieces to create a unique structure is permitted.   

Workspace Dimensions:  Each team will receive a foam-board workspace of approximately 15”20".  Construction will be confined to this space only.

       Total Build Time:  This is a timed competition with a total of 1.5 hours to build.

Good Manners:  Please exhibit good sportsmanship and respect your opponents.  Demonstrate grace and tolerance when working with others.  Please do not touch or tamper with other Team’s LEGOs or LEGO® creations.

Scoring:  The judges’ scores will be based on originality, creativity, engineering, construction, attention to detail, and the project description.

Judge's’ Decision:  The judges’ decisions are final.